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1)      Will I get market price for my scrap gold and old jewelry?

The market price of gold is based on 999.9 purity and it is given in troy ounces.  Most of the gold , scrap gold and old jewelry that is usually sold ends up as scrap and can be from 10 carats to 18 carats.  As such, most scrap gold will not fetch anywhere near spot market prices.  More importantly, there is no consideration given for the craftsmanship and or emotional value of the items.


2)      How is it possible for you to offer more than other  gold jewelry  and scrap gold buyers such as pawn shops, estate jewelry buyers, jewelers, gold brokers, Internet “mail in” companies   or the companies with the TV ads?
The answer is simple. Pawn shops, estate jewelry buyers, jewelers and gold brokers are resellers.  They resell the scrap gold up the chain until it reaches a corporate buyer such as Amerivest Gold Corp. 
Consequently, the pawn shops, estate jewelry buyers, jewelers and brokers have to pay you as little as they can to extend their profit margin. Internet "mail in" companies on the other hand, who rely on search engine advertising and companies that rely on extensive TV ad campaigns  spend a lot of money and in the end they transfer that cost to you. By selling directly to Amerivest Gold, you deal directly with a company who can and will pay you more for your gold. It’s that simple.


3)      How long has your company been in business?

Our company has been in business since 2000.  We are registered at the Federal and State levels and are duly licensed in the State of Florida.  We are honest, reputable, extremely fair and well funded.  In addition, we operate within a state-of-the art facility with security on premises.  Our locations are business-like and offer a real alternative to the traditional gold buying venues. In addition, all Amerivest Gold locations are licensed locations with the Florida Department of Revenue. Amerivest Gold is compliant with all Anti Money Laundering Provisions as they apply to our transactional operations. Amerivest Gold adheres to F.S. 538 as a Secondhand Dealer. Amerivest Gold does not take in ANY precious metals by mail and does NOT refine any precious metals and as such is NOT categorized as a precious metals recycler.

All information gathered from Sellers is collected as provided by strict regulations that govern the transactional operations of gold buyers. Sellers are required to be of legal age and to have the legal capacity to transact. Sellers are also required to provide two forms of valid identification and a fingerprint of their right thumb.


4)      How and when do you pay for the gold?

After carefully determining the weight and purity of your items, Amerivest Gold will be in a position to make you a fair  offer for your gold items and gold jewelry.  Once you accept our offer to buy  your gold, we collect the relevant identification from you as required by law-along with a fringerprint of your right thumb and pay you by check-which you can cash at our bank, or deposit to your account. Any information that we obtain from you during the transaction process is due to compliance and regulatory requirements and is not sold or passed on to third parties.


5)      What are the types of items I can bring to Amerivest Gold Corp to sell?

Amerivest Gold Corp will buy all your gold.  Desired items include the following :Bent/Broken Jewelry, Bracelets or chains that are inextricably tangled, Broken and unwanted gold scrap, Casting gold and grain, Cluster Rings, Gold alloys, Gold bracelets , Gold bullion, Gold chains, Gold class rings, Gold Coins, Gold bars ,Gold dental crowns and bridgework , Gold earrings, Gold findings ,Gold flake , Gold ingots, Gold nuggets, Gold Pins and Brooches , Gold screens and mesh ,Gold sheets ,Gold wedding bands, Gold wire, Goldsmith's bench filings and sweeps, Items with missing stones, Karat gold jewelry, Melted gold and Old gold watches.


6)      How is gold purity determined?

As a measure of purity, one carat is 24 purity by mass. Therefore we have X=24 Mg/Mm, where X is the carat rating of the material, Mg is the mass of pure gold in the material, and Mm is the total mass of the material. As such, 24-carat gold is 99.9% fine gold, 21-carat gold is .875 gold, 18-carat gold is 75% gold, 14-carat gold is .585% gold, 12-carat gold is 50% gold, 10-carat gold is .417% gold, 9-carat gold is .375% gold and 8-carat gold is .333% gold.


7)     How do I know Amerivest Gold is not out to scam sellers like some of the infamous internet “mail in your gold” fraudsters and “off the road” wheeler dealers who are all over the TV news?

Amerivest Gold Corp is a trusted and reputable corporation. Amerivest Gold is licenced and highly regarded by clients throughout South Florida.  It is responsible for creating a transactional platform (The Elite Advantage Method) that shatters the run-of-the-mill scammers and fraudsters.  Simply stated, the Elite Advantage Method of selling gold scrap and precious metals to Amerivest Gold Corp is based on two things, doing business in a fully transparent and professional manner and being able to pay you a lot more for your precious metals. The Elite Advantage Method is also predicated upon several critical fundamental principles, which ultimately translate into your personal and guaranteed satisfaction.  You can read about the Elite Advantage Method here.


8)      If I choose to sell my gold, scrap gold, old jewelry items and gold bullion to Amerivest Gold Corp what must I do? 

Simply send us an e-mail with all your contact information and one of our representatives will schedule an appointment for you to come in to our offices.  You can also call us and set up the appointment over the phone.  After the appointment has been scheduled, you must bring in your precious metals, gold and unwanted gold jewelry along with two forms of identification. The items you are selling must be yours and you must have the legal authority/capacity to sell them as such.  We are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM by appointment only.  We are closed weekends  and on major holidays.

9)      Does Amerivest Gold Corp host events such as "gold parties?" 
Absolutely, Amerivest Gold Corp can host daytime gold parties at its offices.  Our state of the art facilities have large deluxe meeting rooms, a lounge and a wonderful cafeteria for such events. Moreover, our Miami gold parties are fun, exciting and above all financially rewarding.  If you would like to capitalize on this extremely lucrative trend of participating at our Miami gold parties, and would like to bring your guests (gold sellers) to Amerivest Gold and would like to host a Miami gold party at our facility, contact us directly and we will be happy to coordinate the event.  
Simply send us an e-mail with all your contact information and one of our representatives will schedule an appointment for you to come in to our offices.  You can also call us and set up the appointment over the phone.