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The Elite Advantage Method of buying and selling precious metals such as gold, gold scrap and assorted  jewelry items is a measurable, quantifiable and result driven transactional process.  It was created by Amerivest Gold with you in mind and it encompasses several critical aspects of buying and selling gold scrap and precious metals that shatter the opportunistic and often well-funded run-of-the-mill internet scammers, mail-in fraudsters and off-the-road  shops.  Simply stated, the Elite Advantage Method of buying and selling gold scrap and precious metals to Amerivest Gold is based on two things, doing business in a fully transparent and professional manner and being able to pay you a lot more for your gold jewelry, gold items and  precious metals. The Elite Advantage Method is also predicated upon the following fundamental principles, which ultimately translate into your personal and guaranteed satisfaction:


1)   We do business the old-fashioned way.  In person.  We set up an appointment with you, the gold scrap or gold jewelry seller and address all your concerns directly.

2)   We physically show you that our scales are calibrated accurately and that your precious metals and jewelry will be weighed correctly.

3)   We show you the current market price of gold in real time immediately before moving forward with a transaction.

4)   We  explain the mathematical formula used in consummating a transaction.

5)   We  explain the testing method involved and proceed to inspect and test your gold jewelry and scrap gold for purity.

6)   We make you a solid no-haggle offer based on the fact that we are a corporate buyer. This fact alone eliminates multiple layers of resellers and guarantees you get the best possible price for your gold jewelry, gold items, gold scrap and precious metals.

7)   Once you accept the offer we have made for your gold, scrap gold and gold jewelry, we pay you by corporate check.  As the top local gold buyer in your community we pay  more  for your precious metals and gold scrap!

The Elite Advantage Method of buying and selling gold scrap , gold jewelry, estate jewelry items, gold coins, gold nuggets, gold ingots, and many other gold items and  precious metals is thus the safest way to insure a  gold scrap or jewelry seller does in fact get the best possible deal, something to carefully consider given the extraordinary current value of gold.  In addition, you will find that our staff is conscientious, friendly, courteous and extremely professional.  We invite you to give us a try.  We believe you will be glad you did. 

All Amerivest Gold locations are licensed locations with the Florida Department of Revenue. Amerivest Gold is compliant with all Anti Money Laundering Provisions as they apply to our transactional operations. Amerivest Gold adheres to F.S. 538 as a Secondhand Dealer. Amerivest Gold does not take in ANY precious metals by mail and does NOT refine any precious metals and as such is NOT categorized as a precious metals recycler.

All information gathered from Sellers is collected as provided by strict regulations that govern the transactional operations of gold buyers. Sellers are required to be of legal age and to have the legal capacity to transact. Sellers are also required to provide two forms of valid identification and a fingerprint of their right thumb.