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South Florida's top cash for gold buyer of gold jewelry does pay more.
Call 1-877-886-2792 to sell your gold with confidence.

10 things Amerivest Gold Corp Clients have in common

1.   Amerivest Gold Corp Clients get paid more when selling their gold and gold jewelry.  It’s a fact! The numbers don’t lie.

2.   Amerivest Gold Corp Clients appreciate our honesty and transparency.

3.   Amerivest Gold Corp Clients enjoy a safe, private and secure office environment to sell their gold and gold jewelry.

4.   Amerivest Gold Corp Clients appreciate being able to do business in person.

5.   Amerivest Gold Corp Clients are savvy individuals who understand it isn’t wise to sell such valuable gold items via “mail-kits” to out of state companies.

6.   Amerivest Gold Corp Clients are pleased to have a real option when selling their gold and gold jewelry.

7.   Amerivest Gold Corp Clients appreciate working with a team of professionals.

8.   Amerivest Gold Corp Clients know that by selling their gold and gold jewelry to us, they get up to 50% more than by selling to Pawnshops, Jewelers, Brokers, Resellers and Internet “mail-in” companies.

9.   Amerivest Gold Corp Clients enjoy being paid immediately upon countersigning the purchase order.

10. Amerivest Gold Corp Clients are pleased to recommend our services to their friends and family.