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All scammers and crooks prey on ignorance.  In today’s depressed economy thousands of individuals who have sought to sell and cash in on their precious metal holdings, such as gold coins, gold jewelry, gold bullion, gold scrap, gold ingots and related gold items have been cheated.  Sadly, many thousands more will be cheated. You can read all about here and here.   In an effort to gain your trust and in particular, to prevent you from being victimized by  internet gold scammers and opportunistic off-the-road gold buyers, we wish to share important information with you about the methods  used by some unscrupulous  internet gold buyers, web scammers , “mail in” fraudsters and conmen.  Keep in mind that most of the scams take place because of the following clear gaps in the transactional method being applied. 

1)     When “mailing in” your precious metals and gold scrap with so called “free kits” you don’t know who you are dealing with and can only hope  your valuables do not get lost , mishandled or even stolen.  And although you can insure them, resolving a claim for lost items can be very time consuming, demoralizing and in the end (if you’re lucky) may result in only getting back a fraction of the true value of your precious metals and scrap gold.

2)     There is no real way for you to know, absent being there in person that your precious metals, scrap gold and assorted gold jewelry items are being “accurately tested” for purity.

3)     There is no way for you to know, absent being there in person that the scales being used to weigh your gold scrap and precious metals are “accurately calibrated.”

4)     Scammers will often times use mathematical calculations that “tip the scale” in their favor, lie to you about the purity, price and true value of your scrap gold, and try to make you believe your precious metals are worth much less than they truly are.

Because we understand your concerns and value our relationship and the safe handling of your gold transaction, Amerivest Gold has created the “ELITE ADVANTAGE METHOD” of buying and selling precious metals and scrap gold.  This transactional method based on honesty and transparency is unlike any other in the gold business. We encourage you to learn all about it and to contact us with any questions. We are certain to gain your trust and confidence.

We also encourage you to contact us prior to selling any of your gold, gold jewelry, gold coins, scrap gold and related items to anyone else, as we are very likely to beat any offers you may get.