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Amerivest Gold Delivers 5 Star Service all the way. 

Leave your worries behind. Amerivest Gold provides 5 Star Service to its clients throughout Florida.   Amerivest Gold is Licensed and Bonded and maintains the highest credentials. Amerivest Gold is safe, confidential and pays you more!


" Amerivest Gold is a company that is way above the competition.  Its facilities are safe and confidential and the manager answered in detail my every question. I was extremely satisfied with the treatment I recieved and the transparency of their purchase method.  I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to be treated in a fair manner.“  A. Irlin

" I came in to Amerivest Gold with my mother after a friend recommended Amerivest Gold to me.  It's a decision I do no regret.  The previous two offers we got were beat by a substantial difference.  Amerivest Gold does pay more!" A. Martinez

"I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out. I was a little nervous but once I met with the Amerivest Gold  representative everything was explained to me.  It was smooth sailing.”  M. Mutti

“After shopping the best deal for days a friend told me about Amerivest Gold.  I came in and got the best offer.  These guys are great!” 
J. Slattery

“I had several items from when I was young.  I did my research and ended up with Amerivest Gold. I simply didn't trust the off the road buyers and pawnbrokers.  I'm glad I did.  I got more money for my gold jewelry than I expected." M. Klein

"I had never done this before and was a little nervous when I went in with my gold jewelry.  But I have to say that the extreme professionalism, tact and transparency of this business blew me away.  I highly recommend Amerivest Gold! Five stars all the way!"  A. Restrepo

"I ran into some trouble because of the current economic conditions and needed to sell my gold jewelry to someone with a real capacity to buy.  Amerivest Gold Corp performed!”  C. Hing

“I had a large pile of old jewelry from my old boyfriends and ex husbands and decided to cash it in.  I left with a smile on my face.”  Mona

“My two kids are unemployed right now and I decided to sell some gold coins to help them out.  I’m glad Amerivest Gold Corp was there for us.”  Francesco

“I needed fast cash for a down payment on a new car and all I had was old jewelry.  No one offered me a fair price for it until I came to Amerivest Gold Corp!”  R. Ammonds

“I decided to take a vacation and to pay for it with old gold scrap.  It worked like a charm.” Detlef

“I would recommend Amerivest Gold Corp to my friends and to anyone who wants to sell their gold.”
L. Valderrama